Park Maitland School


Park Maitland School is known in the community and beyond for its challenging academics, its fine and performing arts, and its cadre of enrichment subjects and activities that help to mold the “whole” child. Children who attend the school learn not only math and reading, but, more than that, life skills and manners and important study habits and the meaning of giving. They learn to be leaders.

Distinctions include the departmentalized program, small teacher/student ratio, and advanced curriculum materials. The academic program is renowned and age-appropriate. The school was founded upon academic excellence, and that remains its cornerstone today.

We feel proud every time one of our students greets someone with beautiful manners and conversation skills. We love it when our students (at all grade levels) lead our school in assemblies or announcements. We are enchanted when they display kindness and patience with older citizens as well as little ones. We are extremely pleased when they achieve academically. We “pop our buttons” when our students go on to excel in middle and high school, in their careers, and in life!

Mrs. Nell Cohen, along with the help of her husband, Mr. Bill Cohen, who concentrated in the founding years on the finance and facilities part of the school, laid a strong foundation on which we will continue to build. We plan to never lose sight of the beginning philosophies of our founders and the most important aspect of our school - the love of and respect for children.

Park Maitland’s goal is to carry forward the vision of our founder -- Mrs. Nell Cohen -- of offering an exceptional program that upholds high academic standards with a commitment to teaching values, manners, and strength of character. We develop leadership skills in our young students that serve them well in their higher educational settings as well as in life! Park Maitland is proud of its engaging, family-centered environment of warmth and caring...and of our wonderful, young leaders!
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