Other Buildings & Amenities

When Park Maitland School was founded in the fall of 1967, it consisted of one building!  That building remains its cornerstone today.  Known as the "Main Building," it features two stories containing offices and classrooms.  Remodeling through the years has brought the building up to the school's standards.  Knocking down walls, changing paint colors or wall textures, adding flooring or carpeting, enlarging spaces, and, in general, keeping the classrooms fresh and engaging has been key. 
The fall of 2013 is exciting because, yet again, the Main Building is undergoing special renovations.  The upstairs features two new, large classrooms for fifth grade students, restrooms, new office space, lockers, an elevator, and...a revisit to the building's upstairs front porch as it was in days of old.  It is being opened back up to its former status as an open air verandah with comfy seating and a pleasurable relaxation/chat/lunch spot.    
The main building is also home to the swimming pool, which, as a true learning pool, is only three feet deep.  Countless numbers of children have learned to swim and have honed their skills in the Park Maitland pool.
The clinic has resided in several different locations through the years, but it now has a home of its own!  The nurse's quarters are situated in the middle of the campus for easy access by all students and teachers.
The old kindergarten "Cottage" is no longer used for that purpose, but it remains as a landmark with its charming bell tower.  It has been remodeled into office spaces in the front and two large classrooms in the back.  
The P.E. field -- affectionately dubbed "The Park" -- is used by all grade levels for physical education classes, many lunch periods, and recess.  It has a marvelous artificial turf covering that allows rainwater to penetrate.  It also provides a modicum of cushioning in case of falls.  Plus, it looks beautiful!  We often hold large events or gatherings in the park.  In the case of rain, P.E. and other activities can move into the gymnasium.
"Jellyfudge Park" is the name of our kindergarten and first grade play area.  It was designed according to strict safety standards and is colorful and engaging.  The youngest children love to play and have "teaparty" (water and a healthy snack) during recess.
The "Main Building" has been the centerpiece of our campus for the past 46 years.  It has been remodeled and changed to fit the needs of our growing school through the years.  Its Arts and Crafts style charm is the catalyst for the "look" and "feel" of Park Maitland School.  The beautiful landscaping adds to the home-like feeling the students and faculty enjoy.