Early Education Center

The Early Education Center (EEC) houses kindergarten and grade one classrooms, as well as a very unique "Centers" room at its heart.  The building occupies 8,000 square feet and holds 13 classrooms, the "Centers" room, and offices.  Teachers share office and storage space with cohorts in adjoining classrooms, and there are shared bathroom facilities for each set of side-by-side rooms.
The "Centers" room is a dramatic specialized learning center physically linking two classroom wings.  The focal point is a tree-like structure symbolizing myriad things important to the school -- rings of growth, branching and reaching out, shelter and strength, beauty and inspiration, a strong "rooted" foundation, and the tree of knowledge.  Imagine being a four-year-old within that lofty space!  It fosters dreams and creativity that should always be encouraged in children!
The materials and colors used in the Early Education Building are in harmony with, and the architectural details complement, the original structures of the school.
The "Centers" room delights little ones with its reading loft, storage benches for manipulatives, computer stations, and so much more that is intriguing and fun!  The "tree" growing up the middle of the room is symbolic and solid!