Arts & Athletics Center

The "Arts and Athletics Center" (AAC) was completed in the 2004-2005 school year.  It is a 14,000 square foot structure that includes the gymnasium; a stage for student presentations and special events; a drama, music, and art room on the lower level for younger grades; and a drama, music, and art room on the second level for upper elementary students.
The architecture of the building (designed by HLM Design, a division of Heery, International, and constructed by Brasfield & Gorrie) expresses the diverse activities within.  The gym is expressed through its bow truss roof, likening it to the field houses of yesteryear.  Drama is displayed as a stylized theater stage proscenium on the exterior (north side).  Art education is expressed as an over-scaled bay window, admitting northern light into the upstairs studio.  One of the most prominent features is the articulation of the music studio through a window pattern, facing into the school, inspired by the notes of the last nine bars of the school's Alma Mater, titled "O, Park Maitland."
This building, although the largest on campus, pays homage to the architectural tradition of the rest of the school.  The proportions of scale make it appear more intimate in nature to the children, disguising the fact that it is twice the size of any other building on campus.  The materials and colors from the existing structures, the window design and proportions, railings, and details are repeated from and complement the original structures.
The gym is used for gatherings such as school-wide assemblies, class shows, parent meetings, large events (i.e. "Open House & Curriculum Fair" for prospective families), grade level activities (i.e. Grade 5 "Wax Museum;" Grade 4 "State Travel Fair;" Grade 1 "Thanksgiving Feast") plus so much more.  It is used MOST of the time for indoor P.E. classes!  We love our beautiful gym!
Mrs. Cindy Moon, Head of School, is pictured above leading an assembly for our students and teachers.