About Us

The 2015-2016 school year marks the 48th anniversary of Park Maitland School. The independent day school for children in Pre-K4 through grade six is known in the community and beyond for its challenging academics, its fine and performing arts, and its cadre of enrichment subjects and activities that help to mold the “whole” child. Children who attend the school learn not only math and reading, but, more than that, life skills and manners and important study habits and the meaning of giving. They learn to be leaders.
Park Maitland occupies a lushly landscaped campus in Maitland, Florida. The garden-like surroundings and charming buildings give children a sense of “home,” and they feel nurtured and supported. Distinctions include the departmentalized program, small teacher/student ratio, and advanced curriculum materials. The academic program is renowned and age-appropriate. The school was founded upon academic excellence, and that remains its cornerstone today.
Park Maitland School is not ordinary. The theme of “leadership” is pervasive, and children as young as four learn the importance of being kind, setting a good example for peers, and giving to others. All students take part in service to the school, the community, and the world. We even built a school in an extremely poor village in India! Service opportunities help our students learn about giving to those in need and reaching out with friendship and kindness to others. It helps them grow “big hearts!”
We feel proud every time one of our students greets someone with beautiful manners and conversation skills. We love it when our students (at all grade levels) lead our school in assemblies or announcements. We are enchanted when they display kindness and patience with older citizens as well as little ones. We are extremely pleased when they achieve academically. We “pop our buttons” when our students go on to excel in middle and high school, in their careers, and in life!

Mrs. Nell Cohen, along with the help of her husband, Mr. Bill Cohen, who concentrated in the founding years on the finance and facilities part of the school, laid a strong foundation on which we will continue to build. We plan to never lose sight of the beginning philosophies of our founders and the most important aspect of our school - the love of and respect for children.

THE SCHOOL’S “MISSION:” The goal of Park Maitland School is to provide a complete educational experience -- with emphasis on academic, social, emotional, and physical development -- for the preschool through sixth grade student.  This "whole child" education is designed to be a complete "package"...challenging, enlightening, enriching, and suiting the needs of children whose abilities range from high average to gifted.
THE SCHOOL’S PHILOSOPHY: The intent of Park Maitland School is to provide a challenging course of study balanced with support for personal growth.  We believe in building a strong sense of self-worth and social responsibility so that each individual may reach his highest potential.  We believe that school is a place that should inspire responsibility for one's own education by promoting self-discipline, intellectual curiosity, and a life-long love of learning.
Certain significant components of the school's existence emanate from our core values...
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE -- We believe that challenging educational opportunities and experiences contribute to academic excellence.     CARING ENVIRONMENT -- We are a nurturing and compassionate community of learners who possess diverse beliefs and traditions.
INTEGRITY -- We value integrity in each individual and enhance it through the teaching of strong moral character.
PRIDE -- We encourage pride in oneself, our school, and our community.
RESPECT -- We encourage and promote respect for oneself and others.
SAFETY -- We strive to create an environment that fosters emotional and physical safety.
SERVICE -- We recognize that community awareness and sensitivity create socially responsible citizens.
ENRICHED EXPERIENCES -- We believe in exposure to and involvement in the arts and athletics, and we strive to promote appreciation for and to stimulate the creative spirit.  
TRADITION -- We believe that a program rich in tradition builds lasting memories, a sense of community, and unity through common experiences.