Park Maitland School

The Wonder Continues

Club Eagle AfterCare

After experiencing a multifaceted educational journey during the school day at Park Maitland, children are invited to continue the wonder with our highly competent aftercare staff. Club Eagle offers an exciting and engaging program where students bond with children of all ages and receive an opportunity to employ the communication skills they have been honing all day.

“Club Eagle” AfterCare is run by Ms. Joy Sonntag, AfterCare Director. All aftercare takes place on the Park Maitland campus, primarily using the Arts & Athletics Center. Parents must register in advance so the appropriate information is available to assure student safety. Program charges (whether full-time or daily use) are billed ‘in arrears,’ appearing on the monthly statement the month after actual use.

Parker’s Gang

To fill the gap in time between the first and second daily dismissals, students in our lower grades who are waiting for older siblings (or carpool buddies) are welcome to join Parker’s Gang. This supervised program is offered in the lunch area outside the upper grades' science rooms. During this optimal time, while the lessons are fresh in their minds and the day's highlights are begging to be shared, students are urged to get a jump start on homework and socialize concepts with their peers.

Registration is required for this service, but it is free of charge. To avoid dismissal and carpool confusion, we urge parents to clearly communicate with your child whether he or she is to attend Parker’s Gang on any given day.
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