Park Maitland School

The Arts

The Wonder of Self- Expression

Striving to meet all aspects of each child’s developmental and educational needs for challenge, our curriculum combines science, technology, engineering, and math with the essential element of the arts. This powerful trifecta develops well-rounded students with minds that not only embrace concrete skills and concepts, but it also elevates their extended abstract thinking to the next level of innovation. Under the reverent umbrella of the arts, students grow more confident in expressing their current ideas and building new ones. The result is a balanced approach between academia and articulation that is rooted in 21st century learning. Whether it be communicating through a medium such as clay or embracing the emotions of a character on the stage, our students are encouraged to use their imagination while completing compelling projects that are specifically designed to make them think, explore, and experiment.

Fine Arts

Each student at Park Maitland School becomes a part of a fine arts community that strives to not only teach the foundations of varied artistic media through our unique Artyology program, but to use the ability of this expressive form to make a difference. While encouraging students to build fine motor skills and create masterpieces, we embed the idea that art finds its home in sharing the wonder. Students are encouraged to stretch their imaginations, never settling on the first creative solution to an artistic assignment, and to always begin with the end in mind. Art becomes a vehicle to exact change, make a statement, and represent a passion. Through community involvement in programs such as Young Masters, Winter Park Holiday Art Competition, the Wells Fargo Art Show, the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, Art For a Cause, and several themed Park Maitland exhibitions throughout the year, the idea of publishing and displaying art becomes as important as the art itself.

Performing Arts

The Park Maitland campus is always a magical stage for every teacher. However, we pride ourselves in the manner in which we spread this ability to perform and embrace our emotions to our students. Encouraging our junior thespians to bring their unique characteristics to the table is a personal goal for each performing arts teacher. In drama classes, students marvel at their newly found voice as they role play themselves out of a conflict and improv their way into a creative solution. In music, they grow their vocals into trained instruments and pair music theory with its application. They experience the ultimate moment of awe after memorizing lines, lyrics, and choreography in order to debut their new selves in an annual musical performance. This transformation is undeniably driven by wonder!
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