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“My son, Ryan, graduated in 1998, attended Trinity Prep School, and graduated from Princeton University. The foundation he received at PM prepared him thoroughly for higher education, and that is a fact. But not only did he receive top academic training with you, but a caring and nurturing atmosphere where he could thrive and prosper, and did. PM and the people who are PM, will forever be dear to our hearts. I just wanted to add this testimonial to your list. The years spent with you were a wonderful, somewhat magical time in all of our lives, and I love you for that.”

“Emily is beaming from ear to ear with smiles, enthusiasm, and a true gratitude for all of the gifts that Park Maitland gives her each day. She is so excited to be back at school, and can’t wait to do her homework when she gets home. She is excited to read, and when I ask her each day what was her favorite part of the day, there is never just one thing! It is such an amazing feeling as a parent to know that your child is excited and honestly happy to go to school every day. Ken and I couldn’t imagine sending her anywhere else, and we are so grateful that we have such a dedicated group of teachers and staff partnering with us to help her grow.” –Mrs. C

“I love, love, love this school. Thanks for taking such great care of our kids.” –Mrs. R

“We have enjoyed watching our boys grow, both academically through a challenging curriculum and socially, through a variety of character developing classes and activities. It has been a pleasure seeing them take pride in and responsibility for their behavior and their schoolwork. We know they’re creating lifelong memories at this school.”

“I wholeheartedly trust the teachers and staff to take care of and teach my child as if he were their own.”

“The best school experience we’ve ever had, and we have two older children in middle and high school. Love the campus and staff/teachers.”

“My daughter feels safe at school, is challenged daily in her subjects, feels she learns something “new” everyday, loves the entire staff and teachers…never wants to leave PM.”

“This is our first year at Park Maitland, and I cannot tell you enough how incredibly happy we are here. My children ask to go to school, they talk about everything they are learning, and feel loved and nurtured every day. Every teacher, administrator, employee has given us the "warm fuzzies" and all around good feeling. I have never felt so comfortable leaving my children all day, without me, anywhere...until now. I love how creative and excited the teachers are about teaching...and in turn, the children are about learning. Thank you for taking such care in how you run this school. We are one happy family here!!!!!”

“Driving into school yesterday, my son said, "Mommy, I really love Park Maitland...It is such a great school! I wish Park Maitland was all the way to 12th grade...and college so I didn't ever have to leave!” I told him that I had the same wish.”

“My kids LOVE school! We have little chatter boxes at dinner about all the great things going on at school! That's the BEST feeling EVER!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!”

“The administration at Park Maitland is truly exemplary. Rarely does one find such vision and leadership in academia (being an academician, I can attest to that!). Your vision inspires the students, teachers, and the parents, and your leadership shows us the way. Thank you for being so truly excellent.”

“I believe that Park Maitland is a beautiful, family-like, safe place in which to teach children. Our children are happy to come to school, and they are excited about learning every day. They have progressed well and have made like-long friends.”

“Park Maitland develops our children from all dimensions…intellectually, creatively, physically, emotionally, and morally. Your focus on the whole child is what we value most.”

“The teachers and staff exceed our expectations. Our daughter doesn’t want to miss a day or an extra activity related to Park Maitland School.”

“I love the academic experience as well as the traditions at Park Maitland. I also appreciate the standards which the children are expected to maintain, not only academically, but also socially. Children are not born with respect and manners -- those qualities need to be taught, and I believe Park Maitland works toward that goal, as well.”



“I am writing to you to tell you that, almost halfway through my eighth grade year, I realized what Park Maitland School has taught me. Not only was it my home away from home for eight wonderful years, but going to school there every day prepared me for high school. I could never imagine growing up in a different school. I miss everything about Park Maitland, and sometimes wish I was still a student there. But I make a visit back there every year so that I don't forget those wonderful memories.”

“Wanted to let you know Bella is loving and doing very well in history at Trinity. She showed me a paper last night on which she made a 103 and the teacher wrote, "Best Paper in Class." When I said, "Fabulous," she responded that she loves history and said she loves it because of Park Maitland. Never forget what an impression you make on these young kids. There is nothing more amazing than instilling in them a love of learning and knowledge.”

“I have loved Park Maitland since I was in K4. It is incredible to watch my niece go through the K4 experience herself. She is learning so much and is always so happy to come to school! I can’t wait until my son is old enough to be a part of the Park Maitland family as well!”
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