Park Maitland School

Securing the Wonder

There is no greater burden for parents than protecting the innocence, welfare, and safety of their most prized possession: their child. This tremendous responsibility is shared by the administration, teachers, and staff at Park Maitland School.  We take pride in the fact that we provide our students with a superior academic foundation and well-rounded program.  In order for effective teaching and learning to take place, we must first and foremost concern ourselves with providing a safe environment. 

As in every aspect of our school program, we continuously scrutinize our school safety protocol and procedures, making sure that all possible precautions are taken to control both seen and unseen factors. The daily goings-on and needs of our school are monitored through the lens of our high-tech security cameras, but the more powerful element of our security detail is the lens provided by the watchful eyes of our trained safety team along with our fully mindful faculty and staff. 
Safety: Protocol
Our safety team and administration have worked to make sure that no matter the shape or size of the guest on Park Maitland grounds, we are diligently prepared. Whether it takes the form of a visitor to the campus that is checked in through the Lobby Guard System which scans for registered offenders, or a high intensity spring squall that threatens to dislodge quaint furnishings, our staff and faculty has been trained through a comprehensive emergency manual and a combination of regularly scheduled drills to deal with the situation. Also, driven by the knowledge that the best way to avoid danger is a highly alert and informed staff who communicates any suspicious activity, the entire faculty has been deputized. We all fully embrace our part in securing the wonder of the campus.

Safety: Security Team
Park Maitland believes in the strength of its leaders to provide guidance and steer our campus. This is why we not only employ highly specialized teachers, but maintain this pattern as we choose staff members who show this same level of expertise.
Our security manager, Mr. Jesse Johnson, has 30 years of law enforcement experience which enables him to observe our campus with a keen eye, catching and attending to even the smallest of details. In addition, Mr. Johnson has an excellent working relationship with both the Maitland and Winter Park Police Departments, fostering a community dialogue that keeps our campus informed and protected. Due to Mr. Johnson’s foresight, we can rest assured that worst case scenarios are more than a peripheral concern.
Helping to transfer these realistic world lessons to our small fortress, Mr. Johnson is assisted by security officer, Mr. Angel Bellon, who comes to us with 25 years of law enforcement experience. On any day, you can see these agents of wonder greeting those who enter our campus, fostering the flow of traffic, maintaining the integrity of our facilities, and happily flaunting their ability to diffuse any situation with ease.
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