Park Maitland School


A Tradition of Wonder-Filled Moments and Memories

Park Maitland School carries on a proud legacy of high academic standards and time-honored traditions. A school with a history as compelling as its future, Park Maitland has grown from a single building in 1968 to a major educational presence today. Along the way, the campus has changed, the technology has evolved, but the traditions have remained. Students learn values, manners, build character and have fun participating in the many events carried on year after year. The beloved K-5 Mother's Day Tea and the second graders' Across Generations celebration bring families together in special ways. Jelly Fudge Friends connect older and younger classmates. Festival of Nations and India and Greek Fests broaden students’ cultural horizons. Imaginations are as high as the stars during the Kennedy Space Center field trip, and words and letters delight through Author Teas, Read-Ins, and Letter People parades. From school plays and beach bonding to pumpkin carving contests, wonder-filled moments become unforgettable memories for students and their families.
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