Park Maitland School

Our Campus

Tradition meets innovation and cozy meets cutting-edge on Park Maitland’s lush, four-acre campus, securely nestled in the heart of Winter Park/Maitland. Serious, best-practice teaching takes a creative approach in this school full of soaring modern spaces and charming places that leave room for whimsy and wonder. The places and spaces are as progressive and inspiring as the learning that happens within them. Creativity is fostered in a state-of-the-art, technologically equipped Makers Space. Imagination wanders in a tree-high reading nook. There are wide-open fields for running, a wondrous playground named Jelly Fudge Park, a land where letters come to life, and an indoor pool bringing swimming safety closer to home. A community gathers in this special place of dedicated and caring teachers and engaged and enthusiastic students, where families become friends, and friendships carry on through life.

Arts & Athletics Center

The "Arts and Athletics Center" (AAC) was completed in the 2004-2005 school year. It is a 14,000 square foot structure that includes the gymnasium; a stage for student presentations and special events; a drama, music, and art room on the lower level for younger grades; and a drama, music, and art room on the second level for upper elementary students.

The architecture of the building (designed by HLM Design, a division of Heery, International, and constructed by Brasfield & Gorrie) expresses the diverse activities within. The gym is expressed through its bow truss roof, likening it to the field houses of yesteryear. Drama is displayed as a stylized theater stage proscenium on the exterior (north side). Art education is expressed as an over-scaled bay window, admitting northern light into the upstairs studio. One of the most prominent features is the articulation of the music studio through a window pattern, facing into the school, inspired by the notes of the last nine bars of the school's Alma Mater, titled "O, Park Maitland."

This building, although the largest on campus, pays homage to the architectural tradition of the rest of the school. The proportions of scale make it appear more intimate in nature to the children, disguising the fact that it is twice the size of any other building on campus. The materials and colors from the existing structures, the window design and proportions, railings, and details are repeated from and complement the original structures.

Early Education Center

The Early Education Center (EEC) houses kindergarten and grade one classrooms, as well as a very unique "Tinkering Lab" room at its heart. The building occupies 8,000 square feet and holds 13 classrooms, the "Tinkering Lab," and offices. Teachers share office and storage space with cohorts in adjoining classrooms, and there are shared bathroom facilities for each set of side-by-side rooms.

The "Tinkering Lab" is a dramatic specialized learning center physically linking two classroom wings. The focal point is a tree-like structure symbolizing myriad things important to the school -- rings of growth, branching and reaching out, shelter and strength, beauty and inspiration, a strong "rooted" foundation, and the tree of knowledge. Imagine being a four-year-old within that lofty space! It fosters dreams and creativity that should always be encouraged in children!

The materials and colors used in the Early Education Building are in harmony with, and the architectural details complement, the original structures of the school.

Other Buildings & Amenities

When Park Maitland School was founded in the fall of 1968, it consisted of one building! That building remains its cornerstone today. Known as the "Main Building," it features two stories containing offices and classrooms. Remodeling through the years has brought the building up to the school's standards. Knocking down walls, changing paint colors or wall textures, adding flooring or carpeting, enlarging spaces, and, in general, keeping the classrooms fresh and engaging has been key.

The main building is also home to the swimming pool, which, as a true learning pool, is only three feet deep. Countless numbers of children have learned to swim and have honed their skills in the Park Maitland pool.

The nurse's quarters are situated in the middle of the campus for easy access by all students and teachers.

The old kindergarten "Cottage" is no longer used for that purpose, but it remains as a landmark with its charming bell tower. It has been remodeled into office spaces in the front and two large classrooms in the back.

The P.E. field -- affectionately dubbed "The Park" -- is used by all grade levels for physical education classes, many lunch periods, and recess. It has a marvelous artificial turf covering that allows rainwater to penetrate. It also provides a modicum of cushioning in case of falls. Plus, it looks beautiful! We often hold large events or gatherings in the park. In the case of rain, P.E. and other activities can move into the gymnasium.

"Jellyfudge Park" is the name of our kindergarten and first grade play area. It was designed according to strict safety standards and is colorful and engaging. The youngest children love to play and have "teaparty" (water and a healthy snack) during recess.
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