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Warm Wishes for Calm Days Ahead

It has been quite a tumultuous past few weeks as we endured the worries of the impending Hurricane Irma and aftermath of recovery. It is times like this that we come to realize what is most important in life -- family, friends, togetherness, love, (air conditioning), and so much more. Playing old fashioned board games, disconnecting from technology, sharing cramped sleeping quarters, outside neighborhood barbecues, and the like prompt us to be grateful for life's simple pleasures.  When our students returned to school this past Thursday, it was heartwarming to hear their depictions of last week's event, how they reconnected with family, and how they found comfort or respite in the the midst of what could be a very frightening storm.  Students had opportunities to share their stories in morning meetings or in writing exercises. Enjoy the following passages written by 5th grade students.

5th Grade Student, Hudson H.

Title: Before the Storm

I was most anxious right before the roaring winds and pelting rains assaulted our house. I had not been alive for any major hurricane so I did not know what to expect. Also there was a tree right outside the room that I was sleeping in that was creaking and groaning throughout the night. It didn't help that my mom was freaking out. She was on the couch running her hand through her long wavy brown hair, and you could tell in her eyes that she was worried about the whirlwind of wind and rain coming, but she had a reason. She said that there were many very old and fragile trees standing over our house, and there was a slight chance that they were going to fall. It wasn't just her who was stressed, everyone in our family was uncertain about the incoming storm. My parents made me abandon my room and go sleep up in theirs. At first I wasn't scared, but then the winds started picking up from a small "whirrrr" to a roaring "whoooooooosh" around our house. Right then was when I started to become anxious for the storm. In the end, I think I was the luckiest in our family. I slept right through the storm without hearing a thing. When I woke up there was one word to describe how I was feeling and that word was "relieved". I was very grateful that my family made it through the devastating Hurricane Irma.

5th Grade Student, Sofia T.

Title: Unnerving but Peaceful

During the night I sat up with a start after hearing a tremendous banging. My heart started beating faster under the fierce (but breathtakingly quick) assault of noise. I groped around blindly and finally laid my hands on the small red flashlight next to me. A brighter beam of light shone outside In the hall, so I instantly switched my flashlight off. My mother and I slowly opened the playroom window and saw the neighbor's old fence had fallen into the yard. But peering out the front door we saw our tree down. At first it was blurred in the light we shined at it but gradually (with much squinting involved) I saw the whole scene. The mailbox was crippled and the tree's previous trunk looked somehow haunted. It sat there like a jagged spire poking up through the night. Somehow a flower I adored had stayed intact and that brought the first taste of calm. Then I noticed that the whole world around me was like a flame and it had been blown out, snuffed. Then the calm went whirling, swirling through me and left me feeling as if I had no care in the world. 


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